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Fueling Your Success.

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. is a trusted leader in timely and secure fuel replenishment for yards and construction sites in British Columbia. Led by owner Kunwarbir Singh, we prioritize safety, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. was officially incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, with its headquarters situated at 31313 Livingstone Ave, British Columbia, V2T 4T1. The company is a privately held entity, and 100% of its shares are owned by Kunwarbir Singh. FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. operates year-round, ensuring uninterrupted service for clients, with operational hours spanning from Monday to Sunday, 6am to 11pm. This dedicated schedule allows the company to meet the fuel replenishment needs of yards and construction sites effectively.

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Fueling Excellence, Delivering Reliability

About FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd.

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. stands as a distinguished leader in the fuel delivery sector, strategically headquartered at 31313 Livingstone Ave, British Columbia. Led by owner Kunwarbir Singh, our commitment to safety and reliability sets us apart. Specializing in timely replenishment for yards and construction sites, we offer a range of fuel types, including petrol, diesel, and propane. Our customer-centric approach ensures prompt deliveries, fostering enduring client relationships.

To tackle industry challenges and embrace growth, we propose digital solutions. An online ordering platform enhances accessibility, a loyalty program incentivizes repeat business, and a robust social media strategy boosts our digital presence. These initiatives are poised to elevate customer satisfaction, revenue, and our competitive edge. As we prioritize safety, regulatory excellence, and environmental responsibility, FillMe Up is not just a fuel delivery service but a partner in operational excellence and sustainability.

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. is your nationwide partner for reliable and timely fuel replenishment. With a strategic location in British Columbia, we specialize in delivering various fuel types, ensuring uninterrupted operations for yards and construction sites across the country. Count on us for seamless, dependable nationwide fuel delivery.

Fuel Services

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service provides prompt, reliable fuel replenishment for construction sites, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Our Sector

FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. operates in the fuel delivery sector, providing timely and reliable fuel replenishment services to yards and construction sites. The company is registered under NAICS 454310 (Fuel Dealers), specializing in the delivery of various fuel types, including petrol, diesel, and propane. FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd.’s headquarters is located at 31313 Livingstone Ave, British Columbia, V2T 4T1. Situated in British Columbia, the company’s operations cover a wide area, ensuring essential fuel supply to production equipment and vehicles in yards and construction sites. This strategic location allows FillMe Up to efficiently serve clients across British Columbia, contributing to the smooth functioning of critical industrial operations.

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We Fill Any Size Fuel Tank

  • Fleets
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Bulk Tanks
  • Landscape Equipment
  • Refrigirated Trailers

Fuel Products We Deliver

  • Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel (Red Diesel,)
  • Def (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Gasoline

Fuel Delivery Services

  • Mobile Fueling
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Reefer
  • Generator

How It Works?

Ordering Made Easy
Place your fuel order effortlessly through our user-friendly online platform or Website available 24/7 for your convenience.
Real-Time Visibility
Track your delivery in real-time with our integrated GPS technology, ensuring accurate and timely service for your specific needs.
Loyalty Rewards
Join our digital loyalty program and enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts based on the frequency and volume of your fuel orders.
Safe Delivery
Depending on your chosen delivery speed, you'll receive the first draft of your services in as little as 2 business days or up to 7-10 business days.

Leading Practices

FillMe Up serves a diverse range of industries, providing crucial fuel replenishment for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and logistics hubs. Our reliable services ensure seamless operations, meeting the unique fueling needs of various sectors with efficiency and safety.

Construction sites

We specialize in fuel delivery to construction sites, ensuring seamless operations with timely and reliable replenishment services.

manufacturing Industry

Serving the manufacturing industry with dependable fuel delivery, ensuring seamless operations and production efficiency.

logistics hubs

Fueling logistics hubs with reliable and timely replenishment, ensuring seamless operations and optimized efficiency.

Reviews & Testimonials

Discover why clients trust FillMe Up Fuel Delivery Service Ltd. for seamless, reliable fuel replenishment. Our reviews showcase a commitment to safety, timely service, and personalized solutions, fostering enduring client relationships. Experience excellence in fuel delivery

"FillMe Up exceeded expectations! Their timely deliveries kept our construction site running smoothly. The online platform is user-friendly, making fuel orders a breeze. Highly recommend for reliability and efficiency."
Sarah Thompson
a month ago
"Impressed with FillMe Up's commitment to safety. Kunwarbir Singh's hands-on approach ensures top-tier service. The loyalty program is a nice touch. Reliable, safe, and customer-centric—exactly what we needed."
James Rodriguez
6 months ago
"FillMe Up is our go-to for fuel replenishment. The online ordering system is a game-changer, providing real-time visibility into consumption. The team's dedication to safety and reliability sets them apart. Exceptional service!"
Emily Chen
a month ago
"As a fleet manager, I appreciate FillMe Up's precise record-keeping. Managing fuel spend is now efficient, and the recommendations for better solutions demonstrate their commitment to customer success. A reliable partner in fuel delivery."
David Morrison
2 months ago

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